Part 2 – The Patriots

From the the Philosopher's Legacy and the Snake Eater Ops team (Zero, Big Boss, Para-Medic, Sigint), Zero transforms the Philosophers into the Patriots, dedicated to reuniting the world in honor of the Boss's final wishes. Ocelot joins the unit, but stays in the Soviet Union as an informant.  Zero proceeds to turn Big Boss into an idol and hero, to lead the world as an icon.

Zero, with his new influence at the CIA, disbands the FOX unit

1971 - Big Boss creates FOXHOUND.

Big Boss rescues EVA from Hanoi and requests her to join the Patriots, which she does.

Big Boss starts to becomes disillusioned with the Patriots.

Big Boss is wounded in combat and falls into a coma.  Zero has Dr. Clark (Para-Medic) begin cloning Big Boss in order to preserve the Patriots' icon.   

1972 - The Twin Snakes (David, as Solid Snake, and Eli, as Liquid Snake) are born as a product of what’s called the Les Enfants Terribles Project. EVA volunteers as the surrogate mother. Some time later, the project successfully produces yet a third clone, Solidus.  Unlike Solid and Liquid however, Solidus is an exact clone of Big Boss - Liquid and Solid were affected by gene-manipulation to make one of them a "dominant gene" super soldier, as well to give them both short lifespans.  Solid is the "recessive" clone and Liquid is the "dominant" clone, however Liquid actually mistakenly thought the reverse.

Big Boss leaves the Patriots (and FOXHOUND) after learning of Les Enfants Terribles. EVA and Ocelot begin to lose faith in Zero.

Big Boss fights alongside the Studies and Observations Group (SOG), the Green Berets and the Wild Geese.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker                                                                             

Big Boss creates the Militaires Sans Frontières (MSF), a country-less, stateless "for-hire" army.  

The MSF is hired by the Colombian Government to work with their army.  Big Boss's unit ambushes Kazuhira Miller and the guerrilla unit he is leading, wiping them out and almost killing him. Miller is eventually recruited by Big Boss and becomes MSF's second in command.

1973 - A mysterious armed force (actually CIA) invades Costa Rica, a nation without a military.  They begin shipping nukes into a secret base whose purpose is to develop a Metal Gear Peace Walker.  CIA Central America Station Chief "Hot" Coldman develops Peace Walker so that its "AI" (based on the Boss' CIA records) will automatically retaliate in case of a nuclear strike.  This would theoretically ensure MAD (mutually assured destruction) deterrence, since there would be no failure in the final "human" step to start a nuclear holocaust.  However he believes that a test nuclear launch is necessary to prove to the world that Peace Walker will not flinch.

Huey Emmerich is hired into the Peace Walker Project to help develop the "reptile brain" (movement) of the AI of the Metal Gear.  Dr Strangelove, a former associate of the Boss, is hired to develop the "mammal" (decision-making) part of the AI.

1974 - November 4th: Big Boss and the MSF are hired by Paz Ortega Andrade and Ramon Galvez Mena of the Costa Rican University for Peace, to repel Coldman's CIA forces. Galvez is soon exposed as a KGB agent named Zadornov.  The KGB's secret plan is that once the MSF gets to Coldman, Soviet forces will take over and launch a nuke at Cuba, making it look like the US initiated a pre-emptive strike on the Soviets.  Then Zadornov would kill Big Boss in order to make him a martyr and fuel further Central American unrest for the US.

Paz is much later exposed to be an agent for Zero's Cipher group, another name for Zero's Patriots.

With Paz and the Costa Ricans’ help, the MSF establish “Motherbase” on an abandoned offshore oil rig.

November 10th: The MSF enter Costa Rica and begin operations against Coldman's CIA forces. They are aided by Nicaraguan Sandinista refugees Amanda and her brother Chico.  Huey Emmerich defects to the MSF after learning of ex-CIA chief Coldman’s plan to launch a pre-emptive “deterrent” nuke.

November 23rd: Coldman sets Metal Gear "Peace Walker" to destroy MSF's Mother Base with a nuclear strike to prove that PW is willing and able to launch a nuke without hesitation.  KGB agent Zadornov shoots Coldman, assumes control and changes the target to Cuba as per the KGB plan to incriminate the US.  Zadornov is about to kill Big Boss when the MSF and Sandinistan forces come in to the rescue and arrest Zadornov. However, in his dying moments, Coldman triggers Peace Walker - still set to fire on Cuba. He is willing to sacrifice Cuba in order to prove that his PW AI deterrent will work.  Zadornov had previously ordered Strangelove to send data to PW simulating a Soviet launch so that it would initiate a strike against Cuba.  Unfortunately this fake Soviet launch data is also sent to NORAD by PW.  Coldman gambles that the US will be too "human" to launch and start a nuclear holocaust, thus proving his PW theory and ensuring peace.

Big Boss fights PW to stop the launch on Cuba, while the US prepares to retaliate against the non-existent Soviet launch.  Big Boss tries to convince the US joint chiefs of staff that the launch is a fake but they refuse to stop - they will actually launch.  Peace Walker's AI (based on the Boss' personality records) chooses to drown itself in the ocean, killing the false signal and preventing a nuclear war.

Big Boss and Huey Emmerich use parts recovered from the Peace Walker AI to create their own Metal Gear, ZEKE. Kaz Miller convinces Big Boss to keep the nuke from Peace Walker and put it on ZEKE. The MSF  unofficially becomes the world's seventh nuclear power.

Post-November 23rd:  MSF sends some of its soldiers to Angola to participate in the country's war for independence.

Paz/Pacifica Ocean hijacks Metal Gear ZEKE from the MSF and attempts to convince Big Boss to rejoin Zero and his new organization, Cipher. Zero's Cipher will use what will later be called "SOP" (Sons of the Patriots) to control all weapons and soldiers.  When Big Boss refuses, she attempts to use ZEKE to launch a nuclear strike at the East Coast of the United States, with the intention of framing the MSF.  Big Boss battles MG ZEKE and critically damages it.  Paz/Pacifica escapes into the ocean. Kaz reveals to Big Boss that he always knew that Paz was a Cipher agent, but at the same time supported involvement with her cause because he knew that gaining Motherbase as well as Metal Gear ZEKE was a necessary step in embracing the coming war economy.  

Big Boss begins talking about "Outer Heaven".

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes/The Phantom Pain                                    

Sigint develops the idea that AIs should be used to control and manipulate information and have limited control over humanity.

1975 - Chico is captured by the Patriots' XOF unit led by Skull Face and held at an American black site named Camp Omega in Cuba.  Paz/Pacifica is also captured by Skull Face in the hopes that she will lead him to Cipher so that he can usurp power.  Big Boss finds and rescues Chico, but Paz/Pacifica, dies from a booby trap.  At the same time, the MSF Mother Base is attacked and destroyed by the Skull Face's renegade XOF unit.  Big Boss falls into a coma for 9 years.  Zero hides him on Cyprus in Ocelot's care.

1976 - The Les Enfants Terribles project is abandoned.  
Eli "Liquid Snake" is taken to Great Britain.  
Zero suffers brain damage from a parasite attack by Skull Face.

1979 - November: Towards the end of the Rhodesian Civil War, a now-rehabilitated Frank Jaeger rescues and adopts a young Naomi Hunter, after killing her parents.  

Liquid Snake escapes his handlers in Africa. 

December 27th: A new Cold War begins with the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan. Revolver Ocelot participates in the invasion whilst working as a GRU Spetsnaz operative. During the war, the Afghan rebels who feared him gave him the name "Shalashaska."

1980 - Huey Emmerich's son is born, named Hal Emmerich (Otacon).

1984 - Big Boss and his now-awake, surgically-created double, Venom (formerly an MSF medic), escape from a hospital in Cyprus while under attack by XOF, Quiet, a young Psycho-Mantis, and a transformed Colonel Volgin.  Big Boss leaves to create Outer Heaven on his own.  His double, Venom Snake (believing himself to be Big Boss) is rescued by Ocelot, who helps him retrieve Kaz Miller (captured by the Soviets in Afghanistan) back to a new Mother Base in the Seychelles. Together they create a new military group, the Diamond Dogs. While retrieving Huey Emmerich from Skull Face's XOF base, he encounters Sahelanthropus, a new Metal Gear.

Venom Snake recruits the enigmatic female assassin Quiet, who was rescuscitated with parasites after her Cyprus hospital attack.

In Central Africa while investigating a children's army, Venom Snake recruits the young Liquid Snake. 

Skull Face is killed when Liquid and Psycho Mantis take control of Metal Gear Sahelanthropus.  After Venom Snake disables it, Liquid absconds with it to Africa, taking with him child soldiers. Venom Snake eventually retrieves Sahelanthropus, but Liquid and Psycho Mantis escape, vowing vengeance.

Big Boss meets Frank Jaeger's adopted sister in Mozambique, and takes them both to America. The young girl eventually takes the name of Naomi Hunter.  He also takes Sniper Wolf, a young Kurdish girl he finds in Iraq, under his wing.

Under the Patriots’ instruction, Solidus Snake, Big Boss' 3rd clone-son, kills Jack's (Raiden's) parents and adopts him. Solidus trains Jack as a child soldier.

Big Boss establishes the mercenary nation-state and fortress of Outer Heaven in South Africa.

1988 - February: During the Winter Olympics in Canada, Frank Jaeger (under the alias "Frank Hunter") meets Czech figure skater Gustava Heffner. They later fail in an attempt to elope, after Gustava is denied asylum in the West.

Saddam Hussein kills Sniper Wolf's family in an anti-Kurd campaign.

199X - Solidus Snake and Raiden participate in the Liberian Civil War. Raiden becomes an outstanding child soldier in Solidus's Small Boy Unit, earning nicknames such as "White Devil" and "Jack the Ripper."

Big Boss leads FOXHOUND Again:
Venom Snake (as Big Boss) returns to the U.S. military as the commander of the Special Forces unit FOXHOUND.  He does this possibly as part of a plan to spy on the activities of Zero and the Patriots, while the real Bog Boss covertly grows his Outer Heaven army.

Frank Jaeger is awarded the codename "Fox," the highest commemoration in FOXHOUND.

1990 - Solid Snake joins the United States Army and, as a member of the Green Berets, is sent on a mission to infiltrate western Iraq during the Gulf War.

Liquid Snake joins the SAS and, as a member of the SAS, is also sent into the Gulf War to destroy mobile SCUD missile launchers. During the mission he becomes a prisoner of war and is declared missing in action.

1991 - January 17th to February 27th: UN-authorized coalition forces launch Operation Desert Storm against Iraq during the Gulf War. The U.S. Army injects its troops with "Soldier Genes", identified from the study of Big Boss's DNA, as part of the Genome Soldier project, developed by Dr. Clark. The side effects of these injections are disguised as the Gulf War Syndrome.

1992 - Nastasha Romanenko joins the DIA, where she meets Richard Ames, her future husband.

1993 - September 21st to October 4th: The 1993 Russian constitutional crisis. Vulcan Raven, along other members of Vympel, are demoted. Vulcan Raven decides to leave Russia and become a mercenary. He eventually joins Outer Heaven.

1994 - After years in captivity, Liquid Snake is rescued by the United States Government, and returns to the United States.

Metal Gear                                                                                                               

Solid Snake:
1995 - Solid Snake joins FOXHOUND, under the command of Big Boss (actually still Venom Snake).

Metal Gear TX-55 is developed by Dr. Drago Pettrovich Madnar in Outer Heaven, secretly under orders of Big Boss/Venom.

The Outer Heaven Rebellion: Big Boss's Cold War: 
Operation Intrude N312: The United States (under the influence of Zero) brokers FOXHOUND to infiltrate Outer Heaven (actually Venom and Big Boss’ secret army to fight Zero). Big Boss/Venom sends Gray Fox to infiltrate Outer Heaven as a “gesture”. Gray Fox is captured by Outer Heaven forces, although not before sending a report of his reconnaissance duties back to FOXHOUND.

Operation Intrude N313: FOXHOUND sends in Solid Snake in a follow-up mission to Outer Heaven. Snake rescues Gray Fox, defeats Big Boss/Venom, and destroys Metal Gear TX-55. NATO commences an air raid that leaves many war orphans and refugees dead, regardless of their ties to Outer Heaven or not, but the surviving natives are saved by the real Big Boss, who eventually lead them to Zanzibar Land.  The Patriots think Big Boss is dead.

Solid Snake quits FOXHOUND.

Roy Campbell is appointed commander-in-chief of FOXHOUND. The unit's code name system is discarded.

Roy Campbell Takes over FOXHOUND:
1996 - May: Admiral Boorda, the Chief of Naval Operations in charge of the Arsenal Ship Project, dies before the scheduled Phase 2 tests, resulting in the project's cancellation. His death was officially stated to be from suicide.

Metal Gear REX development begins under the Pentagon: The void in the Pentagon DoD Black Budget left from the Arsenal Ship Project being cancelled results in ArmsTech taking it up to develop REX.

1997 - An uprising takes place in Central Asia with various international forces, including the CIS, attempting to settle the unrest. They are repeatedly defeated by a band of mercenaries gathered from around the world, during a time known as the Mercenary War. As a result, a democratic military regime run by Big Boss, Zanzibar Land, declares its independence.

Hal Emmerich has an affair with his stepmother, Julie Danziger, which Emma Emmerich briefly witnesses. Huey Emmerich learns of this, and later commits suicide by drowning himself in the family pool, almost taking Emma with him. It is reported as an accident, and Emma develops a severe fear of water. Hal, out of guilt, runs away from home.

Metal Gear 2- Solid Snake                                                                                     

1998 - Big Boss develops Metal Gear D in Zanzibar Land.   American and Russian nuclear disposal sites are raided by Zanzibar Land forces, utilizing Metal Gear D.  Development of Metal Gear G (a light recon version) begins in Zanzibar Land, and plans are made for mass-production.

Czech biologist Dr. Kio Marv creates "OILIX", a micro-organism that can produce high quality crude oil.  Big Boss kidnaps Dr Marv.

November: Holly White infiltrates Zanzibar Land for the CIA, posing as a journalist.

December 24th: With the help of Campbell and Kaz (now “Master”) Miller, Solid Snake infiltrates Zanzibar Land, defeats Gray Fox (who has now defected to Big Boss’ side), and destroys Metal Gear D.  Dr. Marv is killed by Dr. Madnar, who was the inventor of Metal Gear-TX-55 and Metal Gear D.  Solid Snake defeats Big Boss, but also learns that Big Boss was his “father”.  Zero retrieves Grey Fox and Big Boss’ body.

Solid Snake quits FOXHOUND again and decides to live in the solitude of Alaska. Miller and Campbell also leave FOXHOUND.  Gray Fox's body is given to FOXHOUND medical chief Dr. Clark/Para-Medic for gene therapy experiments. Zero has Dr. Clark induce Big Boss into a coma using nano-machines.  EVA and Ocelot object.

1999 - Liquid Snake joins FOXHOUND and becomes squad leader. Ocelot joins FOXHOUND to serve under Liquid Snake, and possibly tells Liquid the truth about his genes in order to influence him to later rebel against the Patriots (Ocelot tells Liquid that he got the "recessive" genes, when in fact it was Solid that got them). 

Gray Fox is turned into an experimental Cyborg Ninja by the Patriots.

The Patriots Split: EVA & Ocelot Vs. Zero, Sigint & Paramedic:
EVA and Ocelot plot to destroy Zero (the Patriots) and to revive Big Boss.

Late 1999/Early 2000: After losing his faith in humanity (especially after Big Boss’ betrayal), Zero (and possibly Sigint) commissions the development of four neural AIs, headed by a core AI to inherit the Patriots from him. The four AIs are codenamed GW, TJ, AL and TR, and the core AI named JD. To set up their eventual activation of these AIs, they also developed a “data filter” program that was submitted to every military center and civilian computers (the latter via an OS program) under the guise of counteracting the supposed effects of the Y2K bug. In actuality, this program was developed to manage, censor and disseminate information that isn't convenient to the Patriots, which would be activated as soon as GW was completed.

Early 2000s: George Sears (a.k.a. Solidus Snake) is appointed as the 43rd President of the United States.

The beginning of the Arsenal Gear project: The NSA signal hacking assault leads to the decision to shift the NSA data-gathering operations to an isolated location that would be safe from physical attack as well as cyber-terrorism.  Later the Big Shell site will be used to create this Arsenal Gear.

Psycho Mantis leaves the FBI after delving too deep into a serial killer's mind and became a freelance psychic all over the world.


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