Friday, April 25, 2014

A Doctor Who Time-Space ChronoSheet

Painstakingly compiled from various web resources and from watching about half of these serials, here's my newest reference work (I should really try to watch the remaining eps...). 
(Artwork - Matthew Savage)

Scroll down inside the spreadsheet to see newer seasons.  
Scroll right to see the time, location & outcome of the episode (spoilers!).

In the 'Classic' column, if there is an 'x' that means this serial was in the Top 50 of Best Episodes of multiple lists (see bottom sources).  


You can see the whole sheet on one page here.

BBC Episode Guide
Wikipedia Doctor Who Episode Guide
Production Notes - A Brief History of Time (Travel)
Synopses - Tardis Data Core, the Doctor Who Wiki
Doctor Who Transcript Project
Chrissie's Transcripts Site
Doctor Who Reference Guide
AHistory: An Unauthorized History of the Doctor Who Universe

Listing "Classic" Episodes:
Every Single Doctor Who Story, Ranked from Best to Worst (io9)
Every Single Doctor Who Story (Correctly) Ranked From Best to Worst (L.M. Myles)
Doctor Who: the 50 greatest stories ever (The Telegraph)
Top 50 Classic Doctor Who episodes (Amazon Reviewer netman)
Who's 50: The 50 Doctor Who Stories to Watch Before You Die — An Unofficial Companion

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