Space Battleship Yamato Series One Episode Synopses

(Leiji Matsumoto)

Season 1
1 SOS Earth!
Revive Space Battleship Yamato!  
While Captain Okita's Earth Defense Fleet forces fight their final battle with the invading Gamilons at Pluto, a mysterious spaceship crashes on Mars.  Trainees Kodai and Shima investigate and discover a perished alien woman with a message capsule in her hand.  Meanwhile, Okita's fleet is devastated by the technologically superior Gamilons and he retreats.  Kodai's brother, Mamoru, refuses to disengage and his ship is destroyed.  Okita's remaining ship picks up Kodai and Shima's craft from Mars and the alien message capsule is returned to Earth for analysis where it is discovered to contain plans for a Wave Motion Engine.  In the message, Starsha of Iscandar promises to give Earth a radiation cleaner if they come to her planet and retrieve it.  At headquarters, Kodai and Shima meet Yuki, Dr Sado and Analyzer.  Later, a Gamilon recon plane is spotted above the wreck of the WW 2 battleship Yamato.  Kodai and Shima fly out and pursue the Gamilon craft but they crash.  However, they get their first real look at the Yamato embedded in the dry Kyushu seabed.
2 The Opening Gun!
Space Battleship Yamato Starts!  
Kodai and Shima are sent to the Yamato to become crewmembers.  Okita tells them that the Yamato is actually a spaceship, its main engine based on the Iscandarian Wave Motion technology from the message capsule.  When Gamilon fighters attack the Yamato, Kodai and Shima are tasked with commanding the combat and navigation crews.  The Yamato surfaces from the dry seabed and destroys the Gamilon space carrier.  Okita tells Kodai that the Yamato was originally designed to enable selected humans to escape the dying Earth, but will now be used to save Earth by retrieving the radiation cleaner from Iscandar.
3 Yamato Launch! 
The Challenge of 296,000 Light Years!  
The Gamilon leader, Desslar, gives Schultz, the Pluto base commander, permission to launch a giant missile at the Yamato.  After an inspiring speech by Okita, the crew of the Yamato board the ship and Okita gives Kodai and Shima a tour of the facilities.  Upon learning of the approach of the Gamilon Super Missile, Okita orders the ship to launch.  The energy centers of the Earth transmit energy to the ship's engines and the Yamato takes off.  Its main guns destroy the Super Missile just before it hits the ship.
4 World of Wonder! Yamato Leaps Past Light!   While the Yamato prepares for a warp test between the Moon and Mars, a Gamilon carrier sends out attack fighters.  Kodai sends out the Yamato's Black Tiger squadron to intercept.  Pilot Yamamoto's ship is damaged, but he makes it back to the ship with some assistance from Kodai.  The Yamato warps to Mars, just barely escaping approaching Gamilon missiles.  The Yamato lands on Mars to repair some minor damage from the warp test.
5 Escape the Floating Continent! 
Crisis Calls the Wave-Motion Gun!  
The Yamato lands on the Floating Continent of Jupiter to make further repairs.  A scout plane from the Gamilon base on the continent is sighted, but Kodai shoots it down.  The base fires missiles at the Yamato, but the Yamato completes repairs just in time and evades them.  Kodai and Okita decide to test the Wave Motion Gun.  It obliterates the Gamilon base, as well as the continent itself.
6 Space Destroyer Yukikaze Sleeps in the Ice Field   The Yamato requires Cosmonite to repair damage caused by firing the Wave Motion Gun.  Okita sends landing teams to Saturn's Titan moon to retrieve supplies.  Gamilon Commander Schultz sends a tank team to the moon to capture the humans for study.  Kodai ignores Okita's order to return to the ship and engages with the Gamilons.  He is saved when he finds his brother Mamoru's gun on the moon surface.  He then discovers his brother's crashed ship, but there are no survivors.  The Yamato is repaired with the Cosmonite and continues on its journey.
7 Yamato Sinks! 
Fateful Battle to Destroy the Enemy Stronghold!  
Okita sends the Yamato to Pluto in order to stop the Gamilon Pluto base from sending any more planet bombs to Earth.  However they can't use the Wave Motion Gun for fear of destroying the indigenous life on the planet.  Schultz damages the Yamato with missiles and then fires the hidden Reflective Satellite Cannon.  The Yamato is hit and flies out of control, but Okita orders the rocket anchor to be fired at Pluto's moon to halt their descent.  However, more blasts from the Reflex gun send the Yamato into the Pluto sea.  
8 Yamato Braves Death!
Destroy the Reflex Gun!  
Okita orders the Yamato to upend itself so that he can command from the 3rd Bridge and give Schulz a false impression of the Yamato's destruction.  Schultz sends in submarines just in case, and the Yamato is forced to destroy them with torpedoes.  Kodai and Sanada lead a team onto the Pluto surface in order to locate  the Reflex Gun.  Okita learns that the Yamato only has enough oxygen to stay submerged for 8 hours, after which he will have to make a suicide attack on the Gamilon base.  Sanada needs help locating the Reflex cannon's exhaust port, so Okita orders the Yamato to surface.  As expected, Schultz fires at the Yamato, but Okita is warned of the blast by observing the movement of the Reflex satellite's reflectors, and orders the ship to submerge before the ray hits.  The Yamato is able to identify the launch point of the Reflex gun blast and fires missiles at the location.  This points the location out to Sanada.  Schultz realizes that Okita is able to foresee the Reflex blasts by observing the satellites so he orders a different satellite to move into place.  Meanwhile the surface team finds the Reflex gun and sets bombs to destroy it.  The Yamato is damaged by the Reflex gun but before another blast can finish it off, the bombs go off and destroy the gun, as well as the base.  Schultz and his forces evacuate the Pluto base.
9 Revolving Defense! Asteroid Belt!   While the damage to the Yamato from the Reflex cannon is being repaired, Schultz's Gamilon forces pursue them.  Okita orders the Yamato into the asteroid belt beyond Pluto.  Sanada uses a gravity inducer invention to draw asteroid rocks towards the Yamato hull to be used as protective camouflage.  When Schultz finds the Yamato and renews his attack, Sanada manipulates the asteroid rocks into  a revolving defense ring.  Schultz orders all of his forces to ram the Yamato in a suicide attack, but when Sanada releases the asteroid ring's gravity, the flying rocks destroy the approaching ships.  Schultz' own battleship is about to successfully ram  into the Yamato, but Okita orders Kodai to use the rocket anchor to deflect the Gamilon ship, which crashes into an asteroid instead and explodes.
10 Farewell, Solar System!
From the Galaxy, 
with Love!  
Okita makes a final report to Earth before the Yamato leaves the Solar System.  Each member of the crew is granted a short time to say goodbye to their loved ones.  Kodai and Okita have no one on Earth to call so they drink together and say farewell to the Earth.
11 Resolution! 
Break Through the Gamilons' Absolute Defense Line!  
In order to entertain Leader Desslar, General Hisu sends Desslar Mines to intercept the Yamato.  As the mines close in due to magnetic signals from a controller satellite, Okita orders the ship to tilt itself in order to further avoid contact with the mines.  Meanwhile, Sanada and Analyzer are sent out to disable the controller satellite.  Once that is done, Okita orders Kodai and the Black Tiger pilots to remove the mines from the ship's flight path by hand.  Desslar sends Okita a congratulatory message.
12 Certain Death! 
The Wishing Star of Orion, Hell-Star!  
When the Yamato is ensnared in a magnetic barrier, Gamilon missiles approach.  Kodai fires the intercept missiles before waiting for Okita's orders, since Okita's radiation sickness is beginning to hamper his ability to command.  Desslar sends a corrosive space gas in pursuit of the Yamato, which forces it into a path leading directly towards the star Orion.  In order to bear the heat, Sanada suggests that everyone don spacesuits.  The space gas is consumed by the star's corona.  A solar flare directly in the path of the Yamato threatens to destroy the ship, but Okita orders Kodai to fire the Wave Motion Gun at it and it is dispersed just long enough for the Yamato to pass through safely.
13 Hurry, Yamato! 
Earth is Suffering!  
Gamilon General Domel returns from a campaign and takes on the assignment of destroying the Yamato.  Meanwhile Kodai and Kato capture a Gamilon pilot.  Dr Sado's examination reveals that the Gamilons are just like humans.  Kodai recollects how his parents were killed by the Gamilon planet bombs and attempts to kill the Gamilon pilot.  The pilot attempts to commit suicide but Kodai has a change of heart and stops him.  Days later the pilot is given food and released with his plane.
14 The Galaxy's Ordeal!
The Year 2200 Advances!  
While waiting for a storm surrounding the Octopus Planetary System to die down, tensions rise on the ship.  Yabu, a member of the engineering crew, suggests abandoning the trip to Iscandar and looking for a local planet to settle down on.  Shima believes there is a strait between the planetary currents but is not sure where.  When a Gamilon ship is spotted in the storm, Kodai is sent out to determine if that may be a clue to the location of the strait.  He flies partly through and returns.  The Yamato flies into the storm and the crew work together to traverse the strait safely.
15 Desperate Escape! The Galaxy's Different Dimension   General Domel arrives at planet Balan to take over command of the Galactic System from Commander Gale.  The Yamato is caught in the Magellanic Stream and enters 4th dimensional space, rendering its navigational instruments useless.  Domel's forces fire on the Yamato from outside the stream.  The Yamato receives coordinates from Starsha of Iscandar and escapes from the 4th Dimensional space region.  
16 Planet Beeland, Underground Prison of Condemned Criminals   When Yuki and Analyzer land on Beemera in search of possible food supplies, they are kidnapped by the natives, whose Queen is actually allied with the Gamilons.  Analyzer's expressions of love for Yuki make her uncomfortable, but she attempts to understand.  When a Gamilon transport ship arrives, the Black Tigers cause it to explode when it lands.  Yuki and the rest of the Yamato crew leave Beemera in peace.
17 Charge! 
Balanosaurus Special Attack Group!  
While Okita undergoes a life-threatening operation, Vice Commander Gale disobeys Domel's orders and attacks the Yamato with his artificially-mutated Balanosaurus monster.  Despite just coming out of a warp, Kodai risks damaging the ship to use the Wave Motion Gun and the space monster is destroyed.  Okita recovers and congratulates Kodai on his initiative.
18 Floating Fortress Island!
Two Men Brave Death!  
A Magnitron fortress lies in the path of the Yamato and threatens to shake the the ship apart if it gets too close.  Kodai and Sanada take a "Seamless" ship to the fortress in order to destroy it.  They encounter a self-defense computer inside, and Sanada's limbs are ensnared.  Sanada's limbs however turn out to be artificial bombs, so after detaching them they both escape.  Sanada destroys the fortress by detonating his abandoned limbs remotely.
19 Homesickness of Space!
My Mother's Tears are My Tears!  
Domel sends a Gamilon relay satellite to enable the Yamato to communicate with Earth in order to cause crew demoralization.  Aihara learns of the stress on his family at home and has a meltdown.  He leaves the ship in a spacesuit, but soon finds the relay satellite.  Once he realizes it is a Gamilon device, he regains his senses and he helps Kodai destroy it.
20 The Day Planet Balan's Sun Fell! Domel, observing from space, draws the Yamato into approaching planet Balan where he plans to hit them from behind with an artificial sun while they are concentrating on the Gamilon base on the surface.  Kodai tells Ohta to keep an eye on the sun since he suspects it might be artificial due to the odd plant growth he saw on Balan during a previous scouting.  They notice the sun falling, but the Yamato still hasn't enough time to turn the ship and fire the Wave Motion Gun at it.  Despite taking damage from the surface missiles, Okita orders the ship to descend while turning so that they will have more time to prepare the WMG.  Vice Commander Gale is unhappy that the Balan base will be destroyed in Domel's plan, and so calls Desslar to order the attack delayed.  Domel disregards Desslar's order, but now the Yamato has had enough time to prepare the Wave Motion Gun and the artificial sun is destroyed, also destroying the base in the process.  Okita makes Kodai acting commander since he is too disabled from the radiation sickness.
21 Desperate Challenge from Domel's Fleet!   Domel is put on trial on Gamilon for failing to destroy the Yamato and losing the Balan base, but Desslar gives him another chance.  Domel arranges a final battle with the Okita at the Rainbow Star Cluster.  Okita accepts the challenge and both forces prepare for battle.  As the Yamato approaches the Rainbow Star Cluster, dark gases disable the Yamato's radar, leaving it blind.
22 Decisive Battle! 
Fight For Honor At The Rainbow Star Cluster!  
Domel sends fighters to draw the Black Tigers away from the Yamato.  Then, while the Yamato has no fighter cover, he uses an instant matter transporter to send bomber ships to points directly near the Yamato to attack.  The Yamato is greatly damaged by torpedoes.  Then, Domel sends a Drill Missile directly into the muzzle of the Wave Motion Gun.  The missile is designed to explode when it reaches the center of the Yamato.  Sanada and Analyzer enter the still-drilling missile and manage to send it into reverse.  Domel's carriers close in on the Yamato to finish it off, but Drill Missile exits the Yamato muzzle, rams and destroys the Gamilon forces.  Domel's ship survives and he makes a final attempt to destroy the Yamato by self-destructing his command ship while attached to the bottom of the Yamato.  His explosion causes massive damage, but the Yamato survives.
23 Finally Arrived! 
Crest of the Magellanic Cloud's Wave!  
The Yamato is contacted by Starsha as it approaches the Magellanic Cloud.  However Desslar causes a magnetic jamming substance to surround the ship as it approaches Gamilus.  Starsha contacts Desslar to protest, but Desslar refuses to allow the Yamato to pass.  Shima realizes that Iscandar and Gamilus are twin planets.  The Yamato is drawn into the underground sulfuric Gamilon sea by magnetic beams where Desslar plans to destroy the ship with the elements as well as missiles.  The Yamato rises to avoid the acidic sea but it is pummeled by Gamilon artillery from above.
24 Death Struggle! 
God, Weep For The Gamilons!  
Kodai asks Okita for advice and he tells Kodai to submerge the ship for a few minutes.  He believes that the sulfuric acid sea was caused by an undersea volcano and he advises Kodai to find it and shoot it with the Wave Motion Gun.  This would induce massive volcanic activity on the surface.  The Yamato submerges and soon Analyzer locates a huge volcanic streak.  When Kodai shoots it with the Wave Motion Gun Gamilon begins to fall apart.  Desslar unloads every Gamilon missile at his disposal at the Yamato.  Kodai orders the Yamato to advance at full speed into the center of the Gamilon city so that they will cause damage to themselves.  After the battle everything is silent on Gamilon and Kodai realizes the huge wastefulness of war.  The Yamato takes off for Iscandar.
25 Iscandar! 
A Dying Planet Of Love!  
The Yamato lands on Iscandar where Starsha gives them the radiation cleaner.  Kodai also discovers that his brother Mamoru is still alive, rescued by Starsha when a Gamilon prison ship broke down near Iscandar.  Yabu kidnaps Yuki and with a group of rebels attempts to desert the Yamato and settle on Iscandar.  Unfortunately the island they have chosen sinks into the sea due to the volcanic activity on Gamilon, and they all perish except for Yuki who is barely rescued.  The Yamato takes off for Earth, while Kodai's brother stays behind with Starsha.
26 Earth!
Yamato Returns!
As the Yamato approaches the Solar System, the radiation cleaner is completed, and Okita nears death from radiation sickness.  Desslar finds the Yamato and fires the Desslar Cannon at it but the Yamato enters warp just before impact.  Desslar warps as well and ends up ramming the Yamato.  His forces board the Yamato and attempt to fill it with radioactive gas to kill all the humans.  Yuki manages to turn on the Iscandarian radiation cleaner to repel the Gamilons, but she is exposed to poison gas and seemingly dies.  Later Desslar returns, and again fires the Desslar Cannon at the Yamato, but Sanada activates a reflective shield based on the Pluto Reflex Gun satellite technology.  Desslar's beam reflects back and destroys his own ship.  As the Earth comes into view, Okita passes away.  However, Yuki miraculously recovers, as the Yamato heads home.
These episodes can all be viewed online, for example at Kiss Anime (Japanese, with English subtitles).

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