Space Battleship Yamato 2199 - TV and Movie Synopses

Episode Title    Synopsis
1 The Messenger from Iscandar Near Pluto, Captain Okita uses the last of Earth's space fleet defenses to divert invading Gamilas forces, as a ship from Iscandar is intercepted by Kodai and Shima on Mars.  The two cadets recover a message capsule from the hands of a perished alien woman, and rendezvous with Okita's last remaining ship.  Kodai learns that his brother died at the battle of Pluto, while Okita recollects how Earth has been devastated by radiation planet bombs.  When a Gamilas recon plane is spotted, Kodai and Shima take off on a Cosmo Zero to avenge Kodai's brother's death, but crash land instead.  They discover the wreck of the battleship Yamato, embedded in dry seabed.
2 We're Off Into the Sea of Stars Cosmo Tigers (as well as an unexpected shot from the wreck of the Yamato) repel Gamilas bombers from the wreckage area.  Okita reveals to the crew that Starsha of Iscandar sent her sister Yurisha to Earth one year ago with plans to build a Dimensional Wave Motion Engine, which was originally going to be used to power an interstellar ship to allow humans to escape Earth.  Now they are planning an alternate mission, since they have received a Wave Motion Core from the ship Kodai encountered on Mars, as well as a new message from Starsha promising them a radiation cleaner if they come to Iscandar to retrieve it.  Since the bombing killed so many key Yamato crewmembers, Kodai and Shima are given tactical and navigational roles.  Gamilas Pluto base commander Schultz launches an interplanetary ballistic missile to destroy the Yamato, but the Yamato launches in time and destroys it with its main guns.  The Yamato's Wave Motion Shields prevent damage from the missile explosion.
3 Escape the Jupiter Zone The Yamato leaves Earth and makes its first warp to Jupiter.  The engine is damaged from the test warp and the ship makes an emergency landing on a floating continent created by Gamilas.  The Gamilas base sends out an intercept destroyer fleet, but the Yamato destroys them with a combination of short-range projectile artillery and long-range shock cannons.  Okita decides to test the Wave Motion Gun on the Gamilas base, which ends up obliterating the entire continent.
4 Grave Marker on an Icefield The Yamato sends a landing team down to Saturn's moon Enceladus to investigate an SOS, as well as obtain cosmonite needed to repair the Wave Motion Engine.  Schultz orders the Gamilas ground force there to take prisoners.  Yamamoto commandeers a Cosmo Zero to help Kodai and Yuki on the ground when they are attacked by Gamilas tanks and androids (Gamilasaroids).  Kodai finds his brother's gun on the planet and realizes that the shipwreck is his brother's ship, but there are no survivors.
5 The Inescapable Trap Captain Okita decides to destroy the Pluto Gamilas base that has been creating the planet bombs which devastate Earth.  He plans to send fighters to search for the base, while the Yamato acts as a decoy for the Gamilas defense fleet, after which the Yamato will land and provide fire support.  The fighters launch, but the Yamato is hit by a long-range blast from the Reflecting Satellite Cannon, normally used to ignite and launch planet bombs at Earth.  The Wave Motion shields protect the ship from most of the impact, but the Yamato is forced to make an emergency landing on the artificial sea of Pluto.  Another blast from the Reflecting Cannon seemingly sinks the Yamato.
6 The Sun Sets on Pluto The Yamato undergoes repairs on the sea bottom, hoping that the explosive camouflage it triggered on the surface convinces the Gamilas that they were destroyed.  While Kato and the his fighter squadron attack an environmental facility, Kodai and Yamamoto locate the main Gamilas base.  The Yamato transfers control to the 3rd bridge and surfaces, destroying a reflecting satellite with missiles just as Schultz fires again.  Yamamoto is able to locate the Reflective Cannon from the shot, so Okita orders the Yamato to resume normal orientation.  He orders artillery shells to be fired at the cannon location and it is destroyed.  The Yamato launches and destroys the rest of the Gamilas base with missiles and artillery.  Schultz' ship warps away, but his other forces are destroyed by shock cannons.
7 Farewell to the Solar System Okita makes a final report to Earth before the Yamato leaves the Solar System.  Each member of the crew is granted a short time to say goodbye to their loved ones, while Okita permits a "line crossing ceremony" to be held (a party).  Kodai and Yamamoto get to know each other a little better.  Okita and Tokugawa drink to those left behind, while Kodai and Yuki say farewell to the Earth.
8 Wish Upon a Star As the Yamato heads into deep space, Intelligence Officer Niimi urges Okita to reconsider the Izumo plan to look for a planet suitable for human resettlement.  Desslar traps the Yamato in an artificially-induced plasma maze and has Schultz unleash an energy-absorbing gas at them.  The Yamato heads into the corona of a star to escape, while Okita suffers attacks from his radiation sickness.  Okita orders the crew to don environmental suits to combat the star's heat, while Desslar's gas is consumed by the star.  When the Yamato is faced with an unavoidable solar prominence, Okita orders Kodai to fire the Wave Motion Gun at it, which creates an opening.  The Yamato escapes, but Schultz' ship, intent on ramming the Yamato from behind, is destroyed.
9 A Clockwork Prisoner Analyzer tries to befriend the captured Gamilasaroid (named Alter) and educate it.  However, interfacing with it causes some of the ship's computer functions to fail.  Later, Alter enters a forbidden chamber where he hopes to contact the "Goddess of the ship".  Analyzer is forced to deactivate the android and its body drifts out into space..  
10 Cosmic Graveyard During warp, a mysterious female form (actually the consciousness of Yurisha of Iscandar) instills her essence in Misaki.  When the Yamato exits warp, it finds itself in a dimensional subspace rift, a "sargasso" of space.  They encounter a Gamilas cruiser, which sends pilot Melda Dietz to broker an arrangement whereby the two ships can help each other escape from the rift.  The Yamato fires the Wave Motion Gun which creates a rift opening and the Gamilas ship begins towing the now-thrustless Yamato out.  However, a high-ranking blue Gamilas on the towing ship attempts to abandon the Yamato and alerts Gamilas forces of the situation.  The conscripted Gamilas crew members retake control, but when the Yamato emerges they are confronted by a fleet of Gamilas destroyers commanded by Goer.  Goer destroys the assisting Gamilas cruiser and attacks the Yamato.  Okita orders an immediate retreat, after which the dimensional rift expands and consumes the Gamilas forces, before closing again.  Goer's flagship alone escapes.  Melda Dietz remains on the Yamato.
11 A World I Once Saw In the Small Magellanic Cloud, General Domel repels a force of Gatlantian ships.  Admiral Dietz recalls him to the Gamilas homeworld to receive an award.  The Yamato crew is upset that the Gamilas Melda Dietz claims that the Earth started the war by firing first.  2nd engineer Yamazaki, a surviving member of the Gamilas first contact, reluctantly reveals to Shima that it's true, but was covered up.  Melda Dietz tries to escape in her fighter and Yamamoto pursues her.  When Yamamoto's ship fails, Melda rescues her and they return to the Yamato.  Okita orders Melda to be released with her fighter.
12 What Lies Beyond? On Gamilas, General Domel receives orders from Desslar to destroy the Yamato, but he later also learns from Admiral Dietz of a building resistance to Desslar's rule.  Desslar makes plans to move the Gamilas capital to Iscandar.  On the Yamato, Shima and Kodai attempt to understand their feelings about the people of Gamilas.  The Yamato is suddenly hit by a torpedo from an unknown source.
13 The Wolf of Subspace Domel arrives on planet Balun to take command, with Goer as his second.  Okita orders the Yamato to hide inside a planetoid crevice, while Dimensional Sub commander Frakken searches the area with torpedoes.  Okita suddenly collapses and Dr. Sado operates.  Frakken sends out a decoy to mislead the Yamato into thinking he has left the area.  Niimi suggests emitting a subspace sonar ping to determine if Frakken is still in the area, but the danger is that if he is, he will be able to locate the Yamato.  Kodai thinks it would be better to send a ping from a Seagull survey ship instead, but the danger is that space debris makes it dangerous to fly.  Sanada agrees with Niimi's plan and Frakken sends torpedoes towards the Yamato's ping location.  Kodai disobeys orders and flies out in a Seagull and uses his own pings to determine the trajectories of Frakken's incoming torpedoes while still in subspace, enabling the Yamato to destroy them before they hit.  Kodai then locates Krakken's periscope probe, and with his coordinates the Yamato destroys Frakken's "eye" and warps out of the area.
14 The Whisper of the Witch When Kodai and Yuki return from a survey flight, they discover the Yamato dark and abandoned.  They begin experiencing hallucinations about their past, brought on by an astral projection of Linke, a Gamilas-allied Jirel telepath using lost technology from Aquarius found on Balun.  Yurisha of Iscandar's conciousness in Misaki surfaces however, and has Yuki prevent the Yamato from being delivered to the Gamilas by removing the Wave Motion Core.  However, Linke regains control and Yuki replaces the Core.  Kodai awakens from his illusions and locks Linke's astral projection in the Wave Motion Core chamber (with help from the Wave Motion shields), and when Yurisha restarts the engine, her spirit essence is dissipated, killing Linke herself.  Desslar's aide, Celestella (Linke's sister) retrieves her final memories, which reveal the presence of the Iscandarian on the Yamato.
15 The Point of No Return When faced with a rebellious crowd on Alteria, Gamilas General Gimleh destroys the planet.  Desslar seemingly dies when his ship explodes on the way to Balun.  Meanwhile, Domel sends intermittent "force recons" to wear down the Yamato with false alarms, and eventually ambushes the Yamato by anticipating its warp trajectory.  Okita orders the Yamato to make a dash towards the center of Domel's forces and breaks through the front line.  The Yamato rams Domel's flagship before veering past.  Gamilas reinforcements arrive and the Yamato is nearly destroyed when Vice-President Hyss calls Domel from the Gamilas homeworld, and orders him to withdraw and return immediately.
16 Alternative Futures Kodai leads a landing team to resupply at planet Beemera, while Niimi and Security Officer Ito attempt an  insurrection to abandon the Iscandar journey and make Beemera a new home for humans.  Fortunately one of Ito's own men is a spy and order is restored to Sanada and Okita.  Meanwhile on Beemera, Kodai discovers an extinct civilization of insectlike beings, as well as a Wave Motion Core given to them ages ago by Iscandar .    
17 Out of the Forest of Memories The Wave Motion Core from Beemera is found to contain locations of warp gates, built by an unknown ancient race, and now controlled by the Gamilas.  Sanada, Kodai and Yuki investigate a warp gate control satellite.  Sanada reveals that the comatose body of the Iscandarian Yurisha is onboard and being used as a navigation aid.  He reactivates the warp gate (avoiding a burst of radiation by diving underwater) and reveals his relationship with Kodai's brother.  On Gamilas, Domel is accused of conspiring to assassinate Desslar.  Yurisha reveals herself to Yuki.
18 Over the Black Light Shinohara flies a captured Gamilas fighter through the Beemera gate to the Balun warp hub to recon the connecting gate heading towards the Large Magellanic Cloud and Iscandar.  He finds a major gathering of Gamilas forces there, as Admiral Zoellik proclaims Desslar dead, and himself as the new leader.  The Yamato arrives at the Balun warp hub and makes a mad dash into the center of Balun itself.  With the Yamato seemingly sunk, Desslar suddenly appears on Zoellik's monitor and accuses him of attempting a coup.  Goer shoots Zoellik.  The Yamato suddenly flies out of the Balun sea heading towards the Large Magellanic Cloud gate.  Okita orders the Yamato to turn 180 degrees and fire the Wave Motion Gun at Balun.  The WMG causes Balun's artificial core to explode, disabling the warp hub, while the Yamato escapes through the Magellanic gate by disengaging its inertial dampeners and letting the force of the WMG propel the Yamato through the warp gate backwards.  They emerge at the Large Magellanic, leaving the Gamilas fleet stuck at Balun.
19 They're Here Desslar returns to Gamilas and orders Domel to put together a small force to destroy the Yamato, since without a working warp hub, the main fleet is now too far away to help.  Yurisha questions Okita about the morality of the Wave Motion Gun.  Okita decides to enter the Rainbow Star Cluster despite the radar interference it will produce, but Domel anticipates Okita's move and prepares to attack with 4 carriers and some special weapons.
20 Under the Rainbow Sun Cosmo Tigers take off to intercept Gamilas fighters, but Domel uses a matter transport device to warp bombers directly above the Yamato.  The Yamato takes damage, but the bombers are repelled by Yamamoto (and her Cosmo Zero), who was held back as a reserve.  Frakken's subspace flagship surfaces and Gamilas conscripts secretly board the Yamato in order to kidnap Yuki, thinking she is an Iscandarian.   Yuki is captured, and the shock of violence forces Yurisha to leave Misaki and awaken in her own body.  The Yamato is hit by a warped-in drill missile set to explode once it reaches the center of the Yamato, while Kato's Cosmo Fighters destroy one of the carriers.  Domel warps more torpedo-ships to attack the Yamato, but when Kodai fights back in his Cosmo Zero, Domel moves his forces in to reinforce the attack.  Niimi and Analyzer reverse the drill missile, which heads towards the Gamilas fleet.  Okita orders the main guns to shoot it when it nears a carrier, and the explosion causes enough chaos to allow the main guns to finish off 2 more carriers.  Okita leads Domel's carrier into an ion current, throwing it out of control and allowing the Yamato to destroy it with main guns.  Domel attaches his personal craft to the Yamato's 3rd bridge and self-destructs, but the Wave Motion Shield comes back on line and protects the ship.
21 Prison Planet 17 Frakken takes Yuki and her conscripted Zaltz guardian to the prison planet Leptapoda, and Yurisha leads Kodai in pursuit.  Kodai and Yurisha are captured when his plane crashes, but he escapes during a prison riot orchestrated by Melda Dietz and the Gamilas resistance (as well as a group of captured Gatlanteans).  Unfortunately he is unable to prevent Frakken from leaving again with Yuki.  Yurisha reveals to Kodai that their destination is Gamilas, which also happens to be next to Iscandar.
22 The Star That is Our Destination Admiral Dietz, now defacto leader of the Gamilas resistance, leaves Leptapoda to free other political prisoners from other prison planets, but Melda Dietz remains with the Yamato.  Desslar uses Yuki's pretense of being Iscandarian to legitimize his plan to unite Gamilas with Iscandar.  As the Yamato approaches Iscandar, Desslar fires a Wave Motion type energy beam at the Yamato.
23 One Man's War Desslar's Wave Motion Gun blast misses the Yamato and destroys planet Epidra.  The Yamato makes a dash for the Gamilas capital with Melda Dietz's directions, while Desslar's technicians work to prepare another WMG shot.  After deploying the Wave Motion Shield barrier, Okita orders the Yamato to ram Desslar's palace, which it becomes embedded in.  Desslar launches his flagship from the core of the palace and heads towards New Baleras, his new mobile space fortress and capitol.  He then decouples part of the orbiting space fortress and sets it to crash on the palace, hoping to destroy the Yamato.  The Yamato destroys the falling mass with the Wave Motion Gun, while Kodai takes off in a Cosmo Zero to rescue Yuki.  Yuki meanwhile sabotages Desslar's Wave Motion Core to explode, destroying the New Baleras space fortress just in time to prevent Desslar from firing another blast of his WMG.  Desslar's flagship escapes, and Kodai rescues Yuki, floating in space.
24 The Faraway Promised Land The Yamato lands on Iscandar, but Starsha is unhappy that Earth turned the Wave Motion Energy into a weapon.  Eventually she allows the radiation removing technology (Cosmo Remover) to be installed on the Yamato (replacing the Wave Motion Gun mechanism).  Starsha reveals that Mamoru Kodai, Kodai's brother crashed and died on Iscandar.  The Yamato launches for a return to Earth, while Yurisha and Melda Dietz remain behind with plans to return to Gamilas to help the new regime, who no longer wish to invade Earth.
25 Battle Without End Two months after leaving Iscandar, the Yamato picks up Celestella while responding to her SOS.  While approaching the Balun warp gate, the Yamato is ambushed by Goer's rogue forces.  Frakken's dimensional sub suddenly surfaces and destroys Goer's ship, while the Yamato enters the gate.  While travelling in subspace, Desslar's dimensional fortress appears and grapples the Yamato, while his Gamilasaroid forces board the Yamato.  Desslar accidentally shoots Celestella when surprised by her.  Celestella asks Desslar to stop fighting and then attempts to take her own life, but when Yuki tries to stop her, both are shot down by Desslar's personal guards.  Sanada uses information previously obtained from the Gamilasaroid Alter to deactivate the androids with a virus.  Desslar retreats to his own ship and prepares to fire the Desslar Wave Motion Cannon.  Since beam weapons are useless in subspace, the Yamato fires at Desslar's ship with projectile artillery.  Desslar triggers his Wave Motion Gun and his own ship explodes.  The Yamato emerges from the other side of the gate.
26 Memories of the Blue Planet Yuki falls into a coma so she is placed in Yurisha's former stasis chamber.  Eventually she dies from her wounds.  However the Cosmo Remover, possessed by the memories of Mamoru Kodai, is moved by Kodai's pain and activates, bringing Yuki back to life.  The Cosmo Remover's energy seems to be depleted after its one-time use, but when Captain Okita finally succumbs to his planet bomb radiation sickness, the Cosmo Remover reboots, reenergized.  The Yamato returns to Earth.
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Odyssey of the Celestial Ark 

(Ark of the Stars)
In a framing sequence, Admiral Hijikata rescues Saito's Cosmo Marine squad on the Moon. 

A small Gamilon fleet is destroyed in a surprise attack by Gatlantis forces lead by Commander Dagum, using a long-range weapon (Firestorm Direct Strike Gun) of great power.  Meanwhile, in another part of space, Gamilas commander Berger and a few of his crewmates are captured by a space "siren/witch".

On the return trip to Earth from Iscandar, the Yamato is attacked by Dagum and his Gatlantis forces.  The Yamato seeks refuge on a mysterious planet, but indigenous squid-like creatures force the Yamato to escape by going to warp.  When they emerge from warp, they find themselves in a strange, lighted void with the Yamato under outside control.  An away team (including Kodai and linguist Kiryu) eventually find a "hotel" on a forested planet (but are actually prisoners of a Jirel "witch").  At the hotel they encounter Gamilas commander Berger and some of his crew who are also trapped in the hotel.  Eventually the 2 forces work together to stymie the wishes of the Jirel witch hidden among them. 

When Gatlantis commander Dagum suddenly appears in an attempt to capture the Jirel planet ("World of Tranquillity"), the Yamato and the Gamilas forces join against their common foe.  Sanada uses prediction analysis in order to avoid the Gatlantean Firestorm Gun's impact, while Yamamoto leads a combat squadron through an an ice ring to make a sneak attack on the lead Gatlantean force.  The Yamato is damaged when Dagum jettisons the Firestorm gun chassis into the Yamato's path, but Kodai counters by ordering the rocket anchor to be fired into Dagum's ship, enabling the Yamato to destroy it using an arcing attack maneuver.  The Yamato, the Gamilas forces and the Jirel "Celestial Ark of the Stars" all depart peacefully.

Back on Earth, Hijikata and Saito detect the returning Yamato.

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