Space Battleship Yamato: Resurrection - Synopsis

Space Battleship Yamato: Resurrection An Earth convoy, emmigrating to Amarl and escorted by battleships commanded by Yuki, is attacked and destroyed by enemy fleets allied with the SUS.  Yuki’s ship warps out, but she herself is missing in action.  Kodai, now commanding a cargo ship, arrives at the scene and is able to save a few survivors, but three enemy ships suddenly appear.  When approaching an enemy ship head-on, he rotates the Earth flagship Blue Noah so that its 3rd Bridge takes the brunt of the enemy attack while passing, after which he makes a U-turn and destroys all of the enemy ships with one well-placed shot.
After returning to Earth, Kodai sees Sanada, who tells Kodai about the approaching Cascade black hole which is making the emmigration to Amarl necessary.  After a brief encounter with his estranged daughter, Kodai travels to the frozen space island of Aquarius to take command of the newly rebuilt Yamato.  Meanwhile, the SUS and its leader Metzler misleads its allies into believing that Earth people are dangerous and must be destroyed.  Soon, the Yamato leads another emmigration fleet towards a black hole to use its gravitational field as a slingshot to increase speed to Amarl.  Admiral Gorui of Ethos, an ally of the SUS, begins to attack, but stops after he's convinced that the humans are actually honourable.  
The emmigration fleet lands on Amarl, but is soon attacked by other SUS forces.  Gorui makes a suicide attack on the SUS flagship and destroys it.  The Amarl forces join with Kodai’s EDF fleet and attempt to destroy the SUS’ space fortress.  The Earth forces take heavy damage from the SUS' Hyper Neutron beams, but the Yamato's 1st officer, Oomura, uses a ship loaded with new Wave Motion torpedoes in a suicide attack to disable the fortress’ energy shields.  The Yamato then fires the new Transition Wave Motion Gun’s five chambers in succession, destroying the fortress, but a dreadnought arises out of the wreckage.  The dreadnought uses dimensional subspace to hide, and damages the Yamato, but Kodai uses the Wave Motion Gun’s sixth and last chamber to fire at the nearby artificial sun, which causes a black hole to form and destroy the SUS forces.  

Theatrical Cut Ending The Yamato returns to Earth to rescue the remaining humans before the Cascade Black Hole consumes it.  Metzler reveals himself to be a space being from another dimension and explains that the massive Cascade black hole about to devour the Earth will give his own dimension the resources it wants.  The Yamato enters the black hole and fires all six chambers of the Wave Motion Gun at once, destroying the dimensional fissure at the center of the black hole and saving Earth.  The blast also damages the Yamato and Chief Navigator Maho perishes.  Kodai reconciles with his estranged daughter.
Director's Cut Ending The Yamato returns to Earth to rescue the remaining humans before the Cascade Black Hole consumes it.   Kodai reconciles with his estranged daughter and says farewell to the Earth, but shortly after it disappears into the black hole, he receives a report that Earth has been detected emerging from the center of the galaxy.  Kodai commands the Yamato to head in that direction to investigate.
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