Space Battleship Yamato Series Two Episode Synopses

Season 2
1 2201: The Yamato Returns!   The White Comet Empire of Gatlantis, allied with Desslar and the remains of the Gamilon Empire, plot to conquer Earth.  The Yamato, returning to Earth from a year-long space patrol, is attacked by advanced fighters from the Comet Empire advance fleet.  Both the Yamato and Earth Defense Headquarters receive a signal from space which burns out their electronics.  As the Yamato approaches Earth, it has a near-miss collision with the new space flagship Andromeda, commanded by Captain Hijikata.
2 The Comet Appears;
Remodeling the Yamato!  
Kodai returns to Earth and the Yamato crew reunite at Hero's Hill to honor Captain Okita.  Sanada gives Kodai a tour of the Andromeda and reveals that the Yamato will be retrofitted to be automated, just like the Andromeda.  Kodai visits HQ to protest, just as Comet Empire General Nazca causes a power blackout over Earth.  Prince Zordar gives Desslar General Gorland's missile corp to intercept the Yamato if they attempt to reach Telezart.
3 Earth's Crisis Awakens the Yamato!   After Sanada plays Kodai the message from Teresa of Telezart, he calls the crew of the Yamato together to plan a rescue mission, despite Earth HQ's disinterest.  Desslar rendezvous with his forces in space and they position themselves at Telezart to await the Yamato's arrival.  Zordar increases speed towards Earth.
4 Blast off to the Unknown!   Earth HQ attempts to prevent the Yamato from taking off, but Kodai overcomes the Earth defenses.  In the Earth's atmosphere, a Battle Satellite fires a warning shot.  The Yamato destroys it and heads out into deep space. 
5 Open Main Guns! Target: Yamato!   The Black Tigers, led by Kato, join the Yamato near the Moon.  The Andromeda, led by Hijikata, intercepts the Yamato near Jupiter.  The Yamato loses the Andromeda in an asteroid belt but Hijikata merely accelerates and waits for them on the other side.  Despite a final warning from Hijikata, Kodai plunges forward past the Andromeda.  Hijikata admires Kodai's determination and lets him pass.
6 Heavy Fighting!
The Space Marines!  
When Comet Empire forces under General Nazca attack the Solar System's 11th planet (Broomis), the Yamato decides to come to the aid of the Space Marines stationed there.  Nazca's battleships are destroyed with the new long range main guns, and Cosmo Tigers take out the ground tanks.  The Space Marines on Broomis, led by Saito, join the Yamato crew.  The Commander of Earth HQ contacts Kodai and lets him know that now that the Comet Empire has struck, the Yamato's mission to Telezart is approved and supported.
7 Counter-attack!
The Invisible Space Submarine!  
When a space submarine fires missiles at the Yamato, Kodai orders space depth charges to be dropped.  The space subs are revealed, but the fighting ability of the crew is hampered by interference from the recently rescued Space Marines.  Nonetheless the Cosmo Tigers destroy the space subs.  Later the two crews explode into a riot, but Dr Sado is able to restore peace and make Kodai understand that the Space Marines need time to get over their recent defeat.  
8 Space Storm!
Escape is Impossible!  
Comet Empire General Gorland ignores Desslar's warning and leads the Yamato into a space stream and trapping it in a "sargasso of space".  Inside the sargasso's gravity well, time speeds up so that the Yamato begins to disintegrate.  Gorland begins bombarding the Yamato with missiles from outside the sargasso.  Fortunately Teresa of Telezart is able to get a message through and tells Shima the coordinates which will allow them to escape.  The Yamato flies out of the space stream and escapes Gorland's forces.  
9 Charge!
Destroy the Yamato!  
The Yamato captures a pilot from the Comet Empire.  Despite torture, the prisoner refuses to talk.  Kodai lets him escape so that the Yamato can track where he goes.  When he attempts to rendezvous with Comet Empire forces, General Destar says he can’t come back.  The pilot returns to the Yamato and makes a suicide attack, however for some reason he chooses not to make a critical hit.  The Yamato proceeds forward and destroys General Destar's forces.
10 Crisis Relief!
The Roar Of The Wave-Motion Gun  
General Gorland goes game hunting on a dinosaur planet, and then destroys it from space.  Teresa sends a message to the Yamato, but Gorland jams the message.  Desslar neutralizes the jamming so that the Yamato will proceed to Telezart for a confrontation.  Shima begins developing an infatuation with Teresa.  The Yamato is caught in an energy-absorbing debris stream which reduces its propulsion.  Gorland attacks with missiles, but Sanada has Kodai use the asteroid ring defense to deflect them.  When the Yamato emerges from the debris stream, Gorland fires more missiles, assuming the Yamato has been drained of energy.  However, Kodai finds that he still has energy for the Wave Motion Gun.  The WMG destroys Gorland's forces.  Sanada reveals that the asteroid ring controlling studs siphoned energy back to the Yamato while the asteroids rotated around the ship.  Desslar sends the Yamato crew congratulations.
11 Leader Desslar, the Vengeful Demon!   Desslar's forces release "star flies" so that the crew of the Yamato will collect them as souvenirs.  However the star flies are a bacteria which eats metal and disables the Yamato's gravity control.  Meanwhile Desslar recollects how he was rescued by Prince Zordar after his ship was destroyed in his last attack on the Yamato.  Admiral Vandeberg's Gamilon bombers damage the Yamato, and his carriers prepare to fire missiles to finish the Yamato off.
12 Will The Yamato Perish In the Hollow Planetoid?   Sanada fixes the gravity control and the Yamato is able to fire back at the attacking Gamilons.  Vandeberg attempts to fire missiles but the star flies have disabled his own ship and he retreats.  Desslar executes him for his stupidity.  The Yamato enters a hollow asteroid in order to remove the star flies, not realizing that it is actually a Gamilon trap.  Desslar immobilizes the Yamato inside with a magnetic flux field and prepares to fire the Desslar Cannon.  Sabera, worried about Teresa's reaction to Desslar's actions, contacts Desslar to order him to return to Gatlantis.  Desslar ignores her, but the call has given the Yamato time to escape from the asteroid by disabling the recoil safety and firing the Wave Motion Gun, pushing the Yamato out backwards.  Desslar decides to return to Gatlantis to complain about the interference he has experienced.
13 Fierce Attack!
The Telezart Landing Operation!  
As the Yamato approaches Telezart, surface missiles are fired at it.  The Yamato destroys the bases with torpedoes and the Space Marines land on the planet.  Desslar returns to Gatlantis, but Sabera and General Genitz keep Desslar isolated.  They deceive Zordar into thinking Desslar retreated from the field.  General Zavival's tank brigade attacks Saito's Space Marine forces and he calls the Yamato for  help.
14 Counterstrike!
The Discovery of Teresa!  
With the aid of Yamato's cluster missiles, the Space Marines destroy Zavival's tank forces.  In Gatlantis, Sabera puts Desslar under arrest.  Teresa sends Kodai her location and they approach her home, the Teresarium, deep inside a cave.
15 Teresa: the Beginning of Love   Teresa describes to Kodai and the others the danger of the White Comet and its approach towards Earth.  They leave but she asks Shima to stay.  She tells him that her mysterious power had destroyed the civilization on her planet and that she refuses to use that power again.  Earth HQ receives the information about the approach of the Comet Empire and begins making preparations.  The Yamato is ordered to return to Earth.  
16 Teresa: Farewell to Love!   Teresa sends a message to the Yamato but the signal is garbled.  Shima goes back down to the Teresarium and refuses to leave unless Teresa joins him.  They return together to the Yamato, but Teresa goes back to the surface of Telezart alone.  The Yamato leaves for Earth but Shima vows to return.
17 Telezart - Disperse into Space!   As the White Comet approaches Earth, it is projected that it will soon catch up to the Yamato and destroy it.  Teresa sends a message to Zordar warning him that she will not permit him to continue, but he scoffs at her.  Teresa causes Telezart to explode, hoping it will destroy the White Comet as well.  Gatlantis survives but is damaged and its course changed.  The Yamato increases speed back to Earth and Shima vows Teresa's sacrifice will not be in vain.
18 The Decisive Battle! All Ships, Combat-Ready!   Zordar, humiliated by Teresa's attack, orders Admiral Balsey to combine Comet Empire fleets and increase speed to Earth.  Hijikata counters by ordering all Earth forces to rendezvous at Saturn in a first and last line of defense.  Meanwhile, Desslar escapes from Sabera's imprisonment.  Zordar realizes Sabera has been deceiving him and returns Desslar's flagship to him.
19 Yamato Executes a Dangerous Warp!   While passing the 11th planet, Saito visits the planet surface to honor his fallen comrades.  Unfortunately, a Comet Empire base has established itself there and they fire missiles at the Yamato.  Carriers begin firing on the Yamato as well.  Saito eventually flies back to the Yamato, and Kodai destroys the attacking fleet (as well as the surface base) with the Wave Motion Gun.  Comet Empire General Balsey destroys an Earth spy satellite, while the Yamato destroys a Comet Empire spy ship as it warps into Saturn space to rendezvous with Hijikata's forces.
20 Yamato--
A Daring Surprise Attack!  
Hijikata orders the Yamato to search for the Cometine carrier fleet, which is trailing behind Balsey's assault fleet.  This will prevent carrier-based fighters from destroying the Earth fleet.  The Yamato approaches perpendicular to the Cometine fleet path and launches Cosmo Tigers to search for General Gerun's carrier fleet.  Sanada finds the carrier fleet and Kodai orders fighters and bombers to destroy them, just in time to prevent Gerun's fighters from launching and attacking the Earth fleet.   The main guns of the Yamato finish off the carrier fleet and the Yamato-led fleet heads back to intercept the assault fleet.
21 Courage: The Death Of Captain Hijikata!   As Balsey's Cometine forces approach the Saturn region, Hijikata orders the Hyperion fleet to make a flank attack.  Balsey's assault forces destroy the Earth Hyperion fleet and move towards Hijikata's main fleet, hoping to break through the middle.  As Hijikata's forces prepare their Wave Motion Guns, they are hit by Balsey's Burst Energy Transport Cannons (beams which receive a range boost from instant energy transport) which have twice the range of the WMGs.  Hijikata's forces retreat into Saturn's rings and Hijikata asks the Yamato to send Cosmo Fighters to drive the Cometine fleet in after them.  When Balsey fires his Burst Energy Cannons in the debris field of the rings, his ships go out of control from turbulence.  Meanwhile, Hijikata's forces have reached the Cassini Gap (a debris-free area).  They turn around to fire on the Cometine forces and Balsey's forces are destroyed, since they are unable to fire their Burst Cannons from inside the debris field.  As the Yamato finally catches up to the Earth fleet, the White Comet warps in just behind them and causes an Earth ship to collide with the Yamato, sending it out of control.  The Wave Motion engine catches on fire and Kodai orders a ship-wide evacuation.  He is injured by a falling pipe in the engine room.  Hijikata's forces regroup and fire their Wave Motion Guns on the White Comet and are only able to disperse the cloud barrier, revealing the true face of Gatlantis.  The Earth fleet is devastated by Cometine super missiles launched from the Gatlantis equatorial rotating rings.  Hijikata orders all Earth battleships to make suicide attacks against Gatlantis and perishes, but not before sending a final message to the Yamato advising them to attack the bottom hemisphere, instead of the top, as they have done.
22 Yamato,
Fight to the Last!  
The Yamato sets down on the Ganymede base to make repairs.  Earth erupts in a panic when news of the Earth Defense Fleet's defeat gets out.  Zordar sends out an envoy fleet to demand Earth's unconditional surrender.  The Earth Commander tries to stop them with Battle Satellites but they are ineffective.  The Earth President asks for peace negotiations and Zordar responds by destroying the Moon.  Earth sends a signal indicating that it will surrender, but when the Yamato receives the news, Kodai and the Yamato crew vow to continue fighting to the end.  The Yamato launches for Earth from the Ganymede base, its repairs completed.
23 The Destined Showdown!   The Yamato warps into Earth space, planning to attack the Comet Empire, but is suddenly attacked by Desslar's Gamilon forces.  Kodai orders the Cosmo Tigers to launch, but Desslar has the Yamato's hangar doors torpedoed.  Kodai attempts to use the Wave Motion Gun on Desslar's flagship but is halted when Desslar instant-matter transports Desslok Mines around the Yamato, which threaten to destroy the ship if the WMG is fired.  Desslar fires the Desslar Cannon, expecting to destroy the Yamato, but the Yamato makes a short warp to close the distance with Desslar's flagship and rams it.  The other Gamilon ships cease fire for fear of hitting the Gamilon flagship, and Kodai leads a boarding party onto the Gamilon flagship.  Saito's Space Marines attack the Gamilon forces, but Shima is seemingly killed in an explosion and floats away into space.  Desslar's ship is gravely damaged and Talan advises him to move command to another ship.  However, Kodai, injured, stands in his way.  Meanwhile, on Earth, Zordar lands Gatlantis on the sea in order to receive Earth's surrender.
24 Life and Death Struggle!
Two Brave Men!  
Desslar tells Kodai to go ahead and shoot, but Kodai faints from his injuries.  Yuki appears and embraces Kodai.  Desslar realizes that he is closer to humans than Zordar's people and after giving them a piece of advice, withdraws all of his forces.  After Kodai recovers, he makes a plan to attack Gatlantis from the top with Cosmo Tigers, and the bottom with the Yamato's torpedoes.  Meanwhile Teresa's ship retrieves Shima's body and she attempts to resuscitate him.
25 Strategic Invasion of the Imperial City!   As the Yamato makes it's two-pronged attack, the Comet Empire cityship launches back into space.  The Yamato's forces pursue and concentrate their attacks below the revolving missile launchers.  The Cosmo Tigers are intercepted by Cometine fighters.  Sanada's assisstant, Arakone, identifies an entrance into the Comet Empire underside, just before he is killed by missile fire.  Kodai takes a second wave of Cosmo Tigers into the hidden entrance, but Yamamoto's fighter is shot down during the approach.  After finding the generator, Saito decides to sacrifice his own life so that Kodai, Sanada and Kato can get back to the Yamato.  He detonates bombs on the Gatlantis power generators which renders the cityship vulnerable.  Kato dies upon returning to the Yamato.  Kodai uses all remaining guns on the Yamato to destroy the White Comet cityship.  Zordar, disgusted with Sabera and the other generals, leaves them in the disintegrating city and boards the Dreadnought, which emerges from the rubble ready to fight.
26 Be Forever, Yamato   The Zordar's Dreadnought lays waste to the overpowered Yamato, and Tokugawa perishes from explosions in the engine room.  Meanwhile, Teresa begins to resuscitate Shima with some of her blood.  She sees the Yamato and realizes Shima needs to be with his own people.  Kodai evacuates the survivors from the Yamato and decides to ram the Dreadnought in a suicide attack.  Teresa appears and delivers Shima to them.  She tells Kodai the she will continue the fight, and the Yamato can return to Earth.  Teresa then uses her power to attack Zordar's Dreadnought.  After a huge explosion there is no sign of Zordar's ship or Teresa.  The Yamato heads back to Earth.
These episodes can all be viewed online, for example at Kiss Anime (Japanese, with English subtitles).

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