Space Battleship Yamato : The New Voyage and Be Forever Yamato Synopses

Space Battleship Yamato:
The New Voyage
The Yamato is repaired from the damage it took from fighting the White Comet and the crew roster is updated to include ship’s engineer, Yamazaki, gunner Kitano, Cosmo Tiger pilot leader Sakamoto, and the late Tokugawa's son, Tasuke.  The Yamato takes off on a training exercise.
Meanwhile Desslar's forces return to Gamilon and encounter Dark Nebula forces on the surface stealing Gamilon natural resources.  They destroy the Dark Nebula mining force, which also causes Gamilon to explode, sending Iscandar shooting out into space (and warping) without its twin planet.    Desslar implores Starsha and Kodai's brother, Mamoru, to leave the planet, but Starsha refuses.  
Commander Deda's Dark Nebula ships appear and attack Desslar's fleet, so Desslar orders his ships to release Desslar Mines and land on the sea of Iscandar.  Dark Nebula ships are damaged by the mines but counter by sending out fighters and bombers.  When the mines are all destroyed, the Dark Nebula ships move in to finish Desslar's forces, but the Yamato’s Cosmo Tigers warp in just in time and attack Deda's Dark Nebula ships.  The Yamato is not far behind.  The Cosmo Tigers engage the Dark Nebula fighters and lead them back towards the Yamato.  The Tigers make a sudden bank turn, leaving the Dark Nebula fighters prey for the Yamato's anti-aircraft artillery.  The Yamato moves to fire the Wave Motion Gun at the Dark Nebula mothership but Iscandar is in the line of fire.  The Yamato tries to change its angle of attack, but Deda maintains his ship’s position between the Yamato and Iscandar.  Suddenly Iscandar accelerates into a warp again, moving out of the danger zone.  Kodai fires the WMG and destroys Deda's forces.
When Kodai and Desslar catch up with Iscandar again, the Dark Nebula Auto-Planet Goruba also appears.  Desslar orders his forces to attack, but his fleet is devasted by the superior firepower of the Goruba.  The Goruba then begins bombarding Iscandar, endangering Starsha, so Desslar rams his flagship into the muzzle of the Goruba's main gun.  Desslar tells Kodai to fire the WMG at his own flagship so the blast will also destroy the Goruba.  Kodai moves to comply but Starsha announces that she will leave the planet and let the Dark Nebula have the Iscandarium they want (for use in fueling their space wars).   Mamoru and their baby child Sasha leave Iscandar, but Starsha remains behind and self-destructs Iscandar (as well as incinerating the Goruba).  Starsha's spirit says farewell to Mamoru and their child, safe on the Yamato.  Desslar leaves to look for a new planet to settle on, and the Yamato returns to Earth with Mamoru and Sasha.
Space Battleship Yamato: The New Voyage (Youtube)

Be Forever Yamato
The Dark Nebula invades and occupies Earth.  They install a Hyperion Double Nucleus bomb which threatens to kill all humans on Earth.  The detonator has a back-up on the Dark Nebula homeworld.  Kodai and other Yamato crewmembers take off in the Yamato to search for the invaders' homeworld and defuse the bomb.  Kodai's niece Sasha (Starsha and Mamoru's daughter) also joins them, but Yuki is unable to make it and is captured by a Dark Nebula Intelligence Officer, Alfons.  When the Yamato encounters Dark Nebula forces, it uses cloud cover to ambush enemy forces.  Shima also maneuvers around asteroids to avoid the Dark Nebulans' attacks.  When trapped by several Goruba-type auto-planet ships, Shima tries to use one of the auto-planets as a shield, but the Dark Nebulans fire on their own forces anyways.  The Yamato fires anti-missiles and then uses the new Wave Motion Cartridges (grenades) against the auto-planets.  The cartridges interact with the Dark Nebulans' technology and cause a massive explosion.  When the Yamato reaches the Dark Nebula Double Galaxy, their leader attempts to trick the crew into thinking that they have actually been fighting a future Earth from 200 years in the future.  The crew eventually see through the deception and after destroying the Dark Nebulan battleship Grodez, they attempt to destroy Dezarium, the Dark Nebulans' true homeworld.  On Earth, Yuki escapes from Alfons and destroys the Earth-based Hyperion bomb detonator.  Sasha, who had decided to remain on the Dark Nebulans' false Earth, stops the Dark Nebula leader from detonating the Hyperion bomb remotely, but is shot and killed.  Kodai fires the Wave Motion Gun and destroys Dezarium's crystal core and the Dark Nebulan homeworld.  The Yamato returns to Earth where Kodai and Yuki are reunited.  
(A more detailed synopses can be found on Wikipedia.)
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